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exo as dogs? ft my limited knowledge on what breeds are out there in the world

sehun: pekingese
suho: either a chihuahua or a labradoodle…
jongin: black lab
luhan: poodle
kris: afghan
tao: pomeranian
chanyeol: mixed breed, perhaps lab & german shepherd?
kyungsoo: pug
baekhyun: huskie
minseok: border collie
yixing: golden retriever
chen: scottish terrier

now the real kicker is imagining each of these dogs having the respected member’s personalities… not just imagining these members as dogs. seriously. think about it. there’s a difference. 


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Anonymous asked: What's your tumblr rp? I used to follow one of your old accounts and I think I'd really like to rp with your new(?) muse!!

the one that’s active (sorta???) right now is my neko kris. he’s on a bit of a hiatus though laughs sadly all my muses run into trouble i’m waiting for inspiration for him to come back

Anonymous asked: do u still rp?????

i do! i rp on tumblr as well as aim.

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this is what I do after 10 hours of studying

Minho: I'm the only one who hits 180cm... (and Key's reaction)
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i pride myself on being able to read nc-17 pornography with a completely straight face in the middle of a crowded room, but you give me one cute line and my face starts spasming, not even SMILING, but like a tiny man is standing inside my mouth punching my cheeks with his tiny man hands. 

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